Keep the Cold at Bay with Commercial Propane

propaneWinter can be harsh. Your home is heated to the perfect temperature. It feels like a cozy blanket when you walk through the door at the end of a long day at work. Knowing you have that to look forward to helps you get through the seemingly frigid temperatures at the office when you once again ran out of gas for the furnace and are left waiting for the delivery truck to arrive. What if it didn’t have to be so cold at the office? What if you didn’t have to constantly check the level on your tank to make sure it is full so the furnace will continue to work? What if you could have Livingston commercial propane delivered on a regular schedule or as needed and all you had to worry about was making sure the thermostat was at the ideal temperature? Read More »

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Basic Types of Air Compressors

32An important piece of Los Angeles auto shop equipment is the air compressor. Air compressors convert power from an engine to kinetic energy by pressurizing and compressing air. This can then be released in quick bursts of air. There are a few basic types of compressors.


Piston compressors are a positive displacement compressor. This means that they increase the pressure of the air by reducing volume. A piston in the cylinder acts as the compressing and displacing element. These are the most powerful types of compressors with bigger motors and tanks that can store the compressed air. The motor automatically balances the air pressure in the tanks. There are two different types of piston compressors. Read More »

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VPS Cloud Hosting Is The Next Phase In Cutting Expenses

With today’s tight economy, there is no company that can afford to be wasteful. In fact, the whole idea of running large companies like small ones to take advantage of flexibility AND strength started with Jack Welch and GE back in the ‘80s. Even though GE was one of the most profitable companies in the world at the time, Welch knew that GE had to change if it wanted to keep its top standing. Neutron Jack dismantled those parts of the company that weren’t and could not become number one or two in their fields, and he fired thousands of employees, so every department had to do more with less. For companies today, the lesson that needs to be learned is how to do more with less, and when you have less space, you may need to have VPS Cloud Hosting. Read More »

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The Benefits Of VPS Cloud Hosting

 From popular perspective, running a website seems to mostly involve rapid typing, Mountain Dew, and hours and hours spent in a dark basement full of wires. And while that may have described the early years of the Internet, web development now takes place in normal, perhaps even hyper-normal, work environments. And, more importantly, knowing how to write code is not as important as it used to be; there are plenty of services that have accessible and easy front-ends of things like blogs, business pages, and data storage. Read More »

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